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Measurement Tools

Diagnosing performance precisely means your organisations development engagements are more cost effective, more relevant and appropriate to your strategic needs, and the results can be evaluated more accurately.
We offer a portfolio of highly validated and accurate 360 and 180 degree diagnostic tools that enable you to measure performance effectiveness at organisational, leadership and management, and team levels. Highly researched and based on quantifiable practices that identify the difference between high performance and average performance, these tools enable you to benchmark your organisation against a large, multi-sector and international normative group, which means you are able to assess what good really does look like.
An additional benefit of these tools is that they also provide an explanation of the real drivers of performance results and a decription of organisational and individual style, which means that if you want to improve performance more quickly and with greater impact you can now do so more accurately and reliably.
If you need to realign or change your organisational culture and make your company a more effective high performance organisation, then  our organisational performance diagnostic tool delivers the precision information you need.
It provides very accurate information about the drivers of your organisational performance and the factors that are impacting on the results being experienced.
It sharpens the decision-making process about what levers to pull to dramatically improve organisational performance.
If you need to build executives and senior leaders to drive a market-leading organisation, then we have two diagnostic tools to help you achieve a dramatic return on investment.
'Leading for Results' provides detailed information about how to transform your most senior communities into visionary leaders able to fully execute the company strategy.
If you need to hone the capabilities of your middle and junior leadership community in order to more effectively deliver results for the company, our middle management and team leader diagnostic tool can help. It can help to deliver a competitive edge to performance and significantly increase operational effectiveness.
If you need to create high performance teams, highly aligned and committed to delivering the company results, our team diagnostic tool can help. It can help to transform at team of stars into a star team, significantly increasing their effectiveness and exceeding commercial goals.
Moreover, all our tools can be customised to meet your specific assessment requirements. Contact us now for a free, no obligation consultation to discover how we can help you pinpoint the drivers of performance in your organisation and help you develop greater effectiveness all round.
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