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Performance Equations is a management consultancy specialising in organisational change and performance improvement. We deliver tangible results.
We use a diagnostic system developed after years of international research into the real drivers of organisational, team and individual performance. Instead of producing simple performance measures, we are able to analyse the causes of current performance efficiency and effectiveness.
We focus on four key areas of business performance:
If your are a senior executive concerned to develop a high performance culture in your organisation, we can show you how to become a great place to work and help you to achieve your business goals through highly engaged and productive employees. We can do this through very robust and effective methods that deliver the financial and performance results you are looking for.
If you are a senior executive concerned about retaining and growing your talent and leadership pipeline, we can show you how to develop your existing leaders and your leadership capability in depth so that you achieve full execution of the strategy throughout your company. We can do this through a range of highly effective and tested approaches that link high performance leadership directly to your company performance.
If you are a team leader in the organisation - from CEO to front line manager - concerned about the effectiveness of your teams or cross-functional collaboration in your company, we can show you how to build highly cohesive, high performing teams that surpass expections and deliver results. We can do this by accurately identifying where the dysfunction lies and building team skills, behaviours and interaction that deliver results.
If you are a senior executive concerned about improving the service excellence and customer experience your company is delivering, we can show you how to build a customer and service focused organisation that has both the attitude and skills to engage with your customers in ways that delight and build brand loyalty. We do this through a range of processes that deliver measurable customer advocacy and profitable results.

Typically we work with organisations who realise that "off the shelf" solutions will not best meet their particular circumstances or strategic objectives.
Our clients want intelligent, robust and measurable solutions that are bespoke to their particular needs, and that deliver performance where it matters most; the bottom line.

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