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High Performance Cultures

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We believe that creating a great place to work where people feel capable and committed doesn’t just make for organisational effectiveness – it leads to outstanding performance.  Here is our performance equation -

PERFORMANCE = f ( C x C x C)
Performance is a function of competence x commitment x climate
Long term studies consistently show that organisations that out-perform their competition do so because they create high performance cultures in which organisational skills and attitudes are aligned in an atmosphere where people voluntarily give discretionary effort, and with a spirit that wants to achieve the company's strategic vision and goals.
There are three key elements in creating a high performance culture.
Knowing and developing the competence an organisation needs to deliver it strategy is the first stage of making it happen.

Engaging the energy and enthusiasm of the workforce to develop the desired performance is the next stage.

Creating a self-motivating climate that fuels the passion and sustains performance is the on-going stage.
We can diagnose your organisational effectiveness and help you identify the real drivers of employee engagement, the culture you would like to have in your company, and ultimately business performance.
We help organisations design, implement and measure strategic organisational development interventions that build high performance cultures.  Are interventions include:
  • Organisational diagnostics
  • Performance management
  • Culture change
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent strategy
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Strategy mapping & communication
  • Vision, mission and values development
  • Internal communications strategy
  • Employee surveying
  • Partner Networks

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